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50% Off Yearly Membership

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To achieve anything great in life you must create a plan. Come on in and let me help you achieve your goals. Over 25 years of experience in health, fitness, nutrition, and motivation!

It’s now time for me to share it all with YOU!

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You Will Achieve Your Goals!

We motivate you with new exercises, new videos, new delicious recipes, fat burning tips, surprise workouts & challenges and inspirational words!

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  • Enjoy over 207 delicious recipes

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Supportive Environment!

Expert advice & support from celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins and the Hollywood Trainer Team

Support & communication from fellow members experiencing similar journeys, sharing new recipes, creating new goals and much more!

Message Boards with Topics ranging in Nutrition, Exercise, Spirit/Meditation & Motivation

  • Nicole Andrews
    I've already lost 15 lbs following the meal plan.

  • Kimberly Roberts
    The meal plan is so easy and delicious!! I absolutely love it, thanks Jeannette!!

  • Shannon2034
    I've been sticking to the workout plan but I've been having some trouble sticking to my meal plan especially while I'm at work. Do you guys have any tips?

  • Jeannette Jenkins
    Hey Shannon2034, I suggest preparing your meals the night before and bringing them to work with you. That way when it's time for lunch or when you need a snack you already have everything you need. It will make it so much easier to stay on track if you are prepared.

  • ChrisLIFTS
    I love the meal plan and my favorite recipe is Soft Turkey Taco.

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